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Placement difference between aeronautical engineering and chemical engineering

Engineering is one of the most sought after careers amongst students in India. The reason behind is the job opportunities after the course. Considering this, a lot of engineering colleges are mushrooming across the country. The core branches like civil, mechanical, electrical or chemic [...]

Explore saptarishikund trek to experience unexpected adorability of yamuna river

There is say that Nature is God. If so then you will witness it in the SaptarishiKund Trek undoubtedly. SaptarishiKund is where Yamuna River originates from the Champasar Glacier that’s situated in the Bandarpunch Mountain. The SaptarishiKund is well-known as Yamunotri plus the templ [...]

How these simple railway exam preparation tips helped me succeed railway recruitment 2019 apply online

Indian railways undertake annual mass recruitment of the unemployed graduates in India. With it comes a series of activities for both online and offline job application. Candidates have to earn credit for RRB job selection, which makes the recruiting process evenmore complicated. Bette [...]