Christmas Decorations For Home 2019

The decoration, like the clothes, is changing throughout the year, adjusting to the calendar and the particularities of each season. If you enjoy joining the latest trends, one of the most beautiful moments to looker the house arrives. We share some good ideas of Christmas decorations to dress each space and add to the different environments a special touch of spirituality, wave and warmth.

Red, green, gold, silver, lights, garlands, traditional or design trees … There are many ways to decorate the house for Christmas: we can go for a more traditional wave or encourage us to explore new trends, in which the personal and crafts They can assume a key role. What’s more, it can be a great opportunity to enjoy the Christmas decoration with your family as a multi-day process in which we prepare the house to close the year and wait for Santa Claus.

Christmas decoration trends

Four trends will define Christmas decorations in 2019: Nordic, playful and colorful style; traditional style; Rustic style and vintage style. Each one will decide where to go, according to personal styles and tastes.

The Nordic or Scandinavian style, whose key is serenity, will be the Christmas season. Its axes are a lot of white, a lot of wood and a combination of artisanal objects, warm lights, and elements of nature.

How to make Christmas decorations

With a good dose of creativity and patience, we can achieve a beautiful Christmas decoration. It is a matter of combining the accessories well and be encouraged to try ideas in different spaces. With some elements, in general very accessible, you can create your own ornaments yourself and share with your partner or family the preparation of a ritual that summons a very particular emotionality in homes.

Ornaments with candles

Traditional protagonists of the New Year’s Eve nights, the candles once again mark one of the main trendy Christmas gifts 2019. Scented, colorful, with or without sparkles, they give the atmosphere a warm and welcoming tone that invites calm and summons to connect with emotions and beautiful things. Combining them with pineapples, berry twigs or red, silver or gold ribbons, they give the touch that December demands to distinguish their decoration.

Christmas decoration: a natural touch

Retrieving some design lines from previous years, natural elements are present again this Christmas. This year the natural pines are imposed (which you can buy in any nursery or online and add a lot of wave and a lovely aroma) and also the decoration with branches, trunks, pineapples and other elements that you encourage to combine. Wood always adds warmth and is a resource that you can take advantage of.

Christmas lights

Another must of Christmas decoration, which this year will take the scene as never before, are the decorative lights. We will see all kinds of light garlands and LED lights to add to the home and give a super warm and vital touch with minimal energy consumption.

Christmas centerpieces

The particularity of the Christmas centerpieces has to do with the colors and the elements that we add. With pine twigs, pineapples, ribbons, mistletoes, garlands, balls or spheres, among other objects, we can generate the touch that distinguishes this special date.

If you dare to make it with your own hands, just look for a vase, vase or other glass container and place a white or red candle inside and then add some ornaments (they can be the same ones we use for the Christmas tree).

Christmas cribs

A trend that has been going strong for years has to do with the original cribs. To the traditional figures, made of ceramics, craft variants have been added that generate a lot of warmth. Moreover, many families are encouraged to make their own manger, with figures of cardboard, wood or other materials.

Christmas ornaments for the doors

The doors are the main protagonists of Christmas decoration. Placing exterior ornaments is a good way to generate a favorable climate even before entering the home. Well distributed lights and some natural elements, made with mistletoe bouquets, bows, wood or even leaves, can be great.

From the classic candy cane and the red cloth boots to the mistletoe crowns, everything serves to give the house the festive atmosphere we are looking for. The only care to take has to do with overload, because it ruins a beautiful decoration.

This year you will see a lot of natural Christmas wreaths, made based on dry branches and pine branches, to which we can add small Christmas balls or ribbons or garlands. They are very pretty.

We can also hang on the door Christmas posters that welcome or a strip of letters forming a word … It is very cool! You can do it in a while: cut a wood in the way that you enjoy the most, paint it with a white base and add stickers or vinyl with the message you want to convey. You can see more about decoration with vinyl.

How to decorate the Christmas table

Beyond the commercial, Christmas has to do with the old custom of celebrating good news, sharing good food, celebrating the encounter with others. This year we can get creative and think of a celebration that brings us closer to your true spirit. The essential components to build a good Christmas table are:

  • Table linen and napkins
  • Cutlery
  • Cups
  • Glasses
  • Crockery
  • Centerpiece
  • Candles

To achieve an elegant and sophisticated look at the Christmas table we suggest a combination of two colors, which are repeated in different ornaments and on Christmas Eve dinnerware. Red is a classic on these occasions, but it is not exclusive: it is very well combined with white, green and / or gold. A good idea is to combine plates and napkins with these colors.

Christmas crockery

As for glasses and glasses, you should always have a glass to drink water and a glass for wine. Then you can add a glass for the toast with sparkling wine or a drink that replaces it.

It is important for the night to have a special touch to buy some nice fountain to serve the food and dress the table.

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