Coronary bypass surgery benefits and risks

Coronary artery bypass graft surgery is considered to be one of the various major advances in the field of medical science that have successfully managed the cardiovascular disease which was otherwise considered as a leading cause of death and disability among the people in the country. In a simple language, this surgery is also known as bypass surgery or CABG (coronary artery bypass graft surgery).

This surgery is mainly used to treat the problem of heart attacks as well as serious chest pain known as angina which is caused as a result of the blockages in the arteries that supply blood to the muscles of the heart.

Under this particular process, the surgeon of the heart hospital in Delhi attaches a blood vessel that is taken from elsewhere in the body to the diseased heart artery. This helps to reroute the blood around the blockage in the same manner as a road detour reroutes traffic around the construction of the road. A double, triple or quadruple bypass surgery refers to the number of heart arteries that are bypassed by the way of surgery.

Heart bypass surgery is not a regular kind of surgery and hence the procedure is considered to be serious in nature. If you or any of your loved ones are facing heart surgery, here are all the things that you can expect with the procedure of the same:

What happens during coronary bypass surgery?

During a heart bypass surgery at the heart hospital in Delhi, you are put under anesthesia. This means that you are given medicine which keeps you asleep while the surgery is performed on you by the surgeon. The surgeon opens up your chest in order to get to your heart. After this, a blood vessel is taken from another part of your body such as your arm or leg and the same is then attached to your heart. This helps to create a detour around the blocked artery so that it could flow again.

The benefits of heart bypass surgery:

There are a number of benefits of heart bypass surgery.

  • It causes less chest pain and also let your chest pain to go away.
  • The surgery helps to lower your chance of a heart attack.
  • You feel more energetic in all kinds of physical activities.

The risks of heart bypass surgery:

Heart bypass surgery has become a common procedure and the same is considered to be a successful way to treat your blocked coronary arteries. However, the surgery also comes with several risk factors.

  • Heart attack or heart stroke
  • Bleeding caused during or after the surgery
  • Change in the function of the kidney
  • Infection in the lungs
  • Changes in the rhythm of the heart
  • Allergic reaction to the administration of anesthesia or other drugs used during the surgery
  • Injuries occurring in the nerves of the arms, legs, and chest.
  • Death in rare cases.

How to decide if bypass surgery is the best option for me?

It is always considered to be the best if you have a conversation and consultation with your doctor about the same. The doctor can always help you decide whether you should opt for the surgery or not.


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