Internet : A Curse In Disguise

Have you ever wondered what lurks on the backend of the internet? Everything you see online isn’t supposed to be attractive; it can hide many deep, dark secrets that most users are not aware of.

In this article, you’ll be seeing how the internet can be used in the most destructive ways.

  1.   Bullying

If only real life bullying wasn’t enough, social media hosts users from around the world and this supplies bullies with a suitable avenue to fulfill their desires. Every day, users are bullied, taunted and ridiculed and this creates a wave of hatred in the hearts of the victims and they may suffer from stress or mental obstacles due to it, preventing progress in every stage of life.

  1.   Inappropriate material

While the internet is a reliable source for all sorts of information and data for people of all ages, it hosts the most horrific content as well. Some websites carry out illegal activities, hidden in plain disguise and in an era where even children know about YouTube, it is easy to access inappropriate material that can poison the minds of people, especially youngsters and teenagers.

Thus, people find it appropriate to block YouTube from their devices. Wish to learn how to block YouTube on computer? Follow these simple steps:

  1.   Open your browser and go to tools (ALT+X) > Internet options and click the security tab, then the red “Restricted sites” icon.
  2.   Type the address of the website you wish to block, in your case: “” and click “add” to block the website from your computer.

Take a sigh of relief, since now your children won’t be exposed to undesirable content available readily through YouTube.

  1.   Social media

Do you find yourself envious of your friends and famous personalities often? Who is to blame? None other than social media of course.

Scrolling through endless pictures, videos and a plethora of content all day showing people discovering new places and achieving their goals while you’re sitting at your home in your PJs is sure to make you jealous, right?

Social media has managed to instill the notion of materialism and this endless struggle to attain “something” has left people in tatters.

  1.   Procrastination

You must’ve heard this word being spouted by someone you know or perhaps a stranger online. Procrastination is delaying what needs to be done by giving priority to useless activities such as scrolling through social media; watching the same content you’ve seen thrice already and being unproductive in every way possible.

In short, the internet has made us lazy and our quality of work has gradually pummeled to the ground.

  1.   Desensitization

The internet is a source of news to a large number of people worldwide and compared to televisions where they present limited news at one time, the internet can provide all sorts of news with just a click. Now you can know about all sorts of criminal activities throughout the world, making you lose the quality to feel for the one in pain.

Being desensitized is the new cool thing, isn’t it?

  1.   Internet crimes

With facilities like e-shopping, internet banking and purchases over the web, internet frauds, and crimes are at an all-time high, reaching new heights as we speak.

In addition to this, your personal information can be in the hands of a hacker, without you knowing much about it. This information may be used against you to pay a handsome amount of money and you might be shocked to realize how often this happens on the web.

Now that you think of it, the internet isn’t such a nice place after all, is it? Although it has its benefits, the drawbacks cannot be ignored; making social media, a curse in disguise.

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