Microservices: New Trend in Business to Business E-commerce

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The advent of cloud technology has changed the perception of businesses towards the utility of hardware. Even, they have seen its effects on the cost of business to business solutions. Now, vendors and tech-savvy find a way to leverage cloud technology so that they can enhance their productivity and decrease TCO. The latest trend in B2B e-commerce and the opportunities compel business owners to invest in technological advancements.

How Microservices have become part of B2B E-commerce and are bringing Fruitful Changes

  • Efficient System: Developers are using microservices to scale hardware components in a non-stoppable manner. Besides the microservices, serverless architecture creates a platform for overall development. Every microservice is designed to possess specific business functions and works as individual components. Monolithic structures are built as a single structure or platform, i.e., a single platform is used to execute multiple functions. Why is it a successful and better alternative over the traditional platform or monolithic application? B2B businesses cannot address their pain points with the traditional architecture while microservices are efficient to meet the everchanging demand of businesses ( designed to meet customization requirements and scaling); they can be independently deployed and managed by teams.
  • Meeting Complex Requirements: Businesses using stand-alone technology can easily create microservices efficient to leverage existing software and architecture to the fullest. They are built from scratch to cope with any type of modern technology; thus, it becomes easy for experts to combine multiple requests so that experts can cater to any type of complex business need or requirement. The platform is the evolved form of the SOA (service-oriented architecture), and it is altered so that an individual component, in the microsize form, can carry services for execution. Its role is seen in the functional cloud environment.
  • Cost-efficient Solution: E-commerce using microservices can easily reduce the management and hosting cost; it all depends on their deployment. As they are independently functional and deployable, they can be easily customized and managed as per the requirements of businesses. The lifecycle for their development, deployment, and management has been greatly reduced and they promote quality and maintenance. An effect on one will not affect others. Let’s take an example to understand this point. Customizing the customer management procedure is independent of the order management process.
  • Decentralized System: Microservices leverage the cloud technology at individual levels and decrease the hardware utility based on orders and traffic. In simple words, one need not scale up microservices for high-volume without targeting heavy traffic of applications. Thus, it becomes easy for users to develop and create a customer-oriented database. Learn more about microservices
  • Custom Solutions: Deliverymen providing platforms to embrace the latest trend in microservices. Most businesses have already found the aforementioned solutions like SAP YaaS. Platforms are designed modularly so that they can easily deploy services to the microservice-orient architecture. There are some examples of it. For example, the amendment in the M2 platform or SAP-Hybris OCC is done by Magneto. Third-party vendors are creating their microservices-based approach that is efficiently designed for faster integration of systems for secure and reliable communication. Top-tier integrators are implementing microservices in their platforms for creating custom solutions so that B2B businesses can leverage resources, to the fullest, for enhancements and technological upgrades.

Serverless systems and microservices have created a paved way so that businesses can easily blend SaaS apps and on-premise solutions. This is the reason why investors and tech giants are significantly investing in a microservice-architectural approach.

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