What to do after clearing GRE?

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Once if one is done with the GRE coaching in Delhi and scored high, then one should not feel much relaxed as this is the beginning of the process. After this one has to cope up and comply with a large number of legal formalities in order to get admission in the desired college. The following are the steps which are to be taken care of:

  • Appearing for IELTS or TOEFL: these are the tests of English and they are a basic requirement which is to be fulfilled by the candidates. Their role comes into action while applying for visa or teacher assistantship. It is always advisable if one is done with the exams and other legal formalities. The ideal time for this is September and October.
  • Deciding the course and the universities: this is the most hectic step through which one goes on. One must choose a field depending on the interests so that there is no chaos later on. Usually people apply for courses which they have already pursued in the graduation. The important part is justification which one must be able to give to the people in terms of reasons for selecting a particular course. This should begin in the third week of September. The next step is to arrange the documents.
  • Recommendation letters: in the beginning of the seventh semester one must approach the professors who are going to provide the recommendation so the students. This is not an easy task in case one doesn’t have a good reputation in front of the teacher. It is a long process including various rough drafts before reaching the final draft. The final draft should be ready by October end in order to avoid the unnecessary hassles.
  • Official documents: these involve the transcripts. These include all the details semester wise and marks wise in a single sheet and is issued by the college. One must have frequent visits in the college in order to obtain this. One must check the details from semester 1 to the last semester and then approve it and then get is signed. There are around 15 copies required of this.
  • Bank statements: these involve the documentations that help to show how much one can spend in that particular nation in the years to come. One must talk to the bank manager and then get some copies of such documents in order to prove the financial solvency of people. One might have frequent meetings with the managers in regard to the loan approvals and other procedures.
  • Affidavit: this is the official document of the government. One might go to the court and tell the lawyer to fill the required details and make that particular affidavit. This must be done about the November first week. It also requires almost 15 copies.
  • The statement of the purpose: this is the heart of the whole procedure and one must consult the seniors while preparing this. October first week is the preferred time for this.
  • Resume: this highlights the achievements. GRE coaching in Delhi provide guidance in all the legal formalities.

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