Why API Integration and Hybrid Integration Matter in the Tech Industry

Modern hybrid cloud integration has become a requisite for every digital landscape and plays an important role in unlocking business values. APIs and hybrid cloud integration can explore new revenue streams for revenue growth. Why are businesses pursuing digital transformation? The digital transformation helps businesses to work at a faster pace. A step-change in agility and innovation is the direct result of the integration in the tech industry. This is why businesses are choosing this platform.

Further, the capability to unlock valuable offerings through the digital transformation depends on the ability of an organization to retrieve data, i.e., it depends on efficiency. The modernized structure (hybrid integration and microservices-based APIs) is inevitably empowering the modern IT companies and enhancing the capabilities of businesses.

The global survey shows the need for an API-driven hybrid integration strategy that is one of the most important factors for business growth.

Know why the complexity of hybrid IT estates is a major concern for hybrid integration

What is a hybrid integration? Hybrid integration is a method that involves the use of cloud-based integration tools with on-premises systems to link multiple applications in different environments. The report states that sixty-six percent of companies have been using three or more cloud providers with their applications running in private and on-premise systems. The traditional integration method (point-to-point) used for the monolithic system is not able to cope with different applications residing in different environments.

Hybrid integration is a way to manage the complexities related to businesses. It decides whether the technology infrastructure meets the business objectives.

However, the consensus supports the use of the legacy integration architecture, and the reports suggest the necessity of the hybrid integration.

How to create the structure for hybrid integration

Upgradation of integration capabilities depends on the requirements of organizations, and companies should know their business goals and technology requirements. A majority of respondents has shown concerns related to the existing and future requirements of integration.

The cloud-based integration tools provide a strong architectural foundation that enhances the efficiency of an API integration platform. According to the survey, integrators are using APIs for multiple functions. Now, they have got a platform for innovation, i.e., they can produce and launch new products in the market easily. The advanced technology allows easy customizations and scalability. Further, APIs have increased users’ experience.

In the next step, businesses need to develop a strategy that can replace existing or older tools by cloud-based tools. The selection criteria should be based on the business objectives, and the right choice of the criteria will optimize TCO and increase ROI.

Closing Thoughts 

Efficiency matters a lot for high-tech companies, and the industry is changing every minute. The accelerated development is the need for every modern organization, and this can only be catered through the API and hybrid integration platform. The use of this platform has reduced the time taken to launch and upgrade a product. Further, the scalability of the system has much improved.

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