Caring for laminate flooring and reliable rubber mats

Laminate floorings need distinctive type of maintenance then only is it possible to keep their gleam intact. Cleaning should be done regularly. It is so because the spots and dirt are removed before it gets settled. Established poodles, stains damage the floor if intense cleaner is applied.

Laminate flooring in the past were considered synonymous to hideous and disfigured.  In present times it thought as;-

  • Cost effective
  • Appealing realistic finish
  • Good texture
  • Easy to maintain
  • Lasting
  • Duplicates wood, stone style
  • No expansion or contraction once applied

The only disadvantage is chances of it getting damaged by high moisture application. That is why it is not applied in bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchen.

The laminated floor should be swept daily with soft bristles broom. It is because a lot of dirt, debris etc can lead to scratches which look ugly. Vacuum’s soft brush attachment can be used to reach corners.  Keep the sweep direction in the fashion laminate was laid out. This way grooves will be cleaned as well.

The spills should be attended to at once. Wipe it out through cloth or sponge. Be very cautious not to let water or any other liquid stay on it for long time.  The protective wear finish will be damaged. Residue can be absorbed by sponge which is not wet. A dry soft cloth can also be used.  Laminate will be damaged by;-

  • Steam cleaner
  • Polishers
  • Buffers
  • Harsh chemical ingredients

Dampened microfiber mops work wonderfully in picking up dirt and other waste debris. The swivel head reaches below the furniture and works with less water. Damage to the floor is minimum. Make knowledgeable decisions to clean the laminate. If your efforts are not effective call a professional. In case moisture reaches the laminate core board it will roll inwards making it damaged. Vinegar or mild detergent is advised for such floors. When you buy commercial floor cleaning product read the label to safeguard your interest. Those products that promise shiny surface has wax in it. Which must be rejected. In the same way scented product will leave behind dull and soapy solution on the floor which spoils the floor.

Very smooth flooring may lead to the possibility of elders and kids slipping. To prevent this use rubber floor mats. Rubber mats have the following properties;-

  • Lasting
  • Shock absorbent
  • Slip retardation
  • Easily adjustable and flexible product

The rubber mats are easy to carry and need no installation. They can be fixed at one spot permanently or temporarily. These mats are spread out at entrance points of any room, in gym room, pet house, kitchen etc. The variables like colour and thickness can be based on use and personal choice. The density, durability and colour variation make it a popular choice. The thickness varies from ¼ inch to two inches.

The rubber mats at entrance cleans up shoes of those making an entrance without dirtying the inside of the house.  Rubber mats withstand all seasons. Moreover, these products are anti-skid. The mats can be spread on high, medium, and low traffic regions of the house. Select the size and colour you want.

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