Experiencing better medical care services in mumbai

Healthcare sectors are improving a lot over recent years in India due to advancements in science and technologies. There are several hospitals which offer medical services in various cities with cutting-edge applications. They even provide ways to get solutions for different types of problems in one place by offering multispecialty services. Another thing is that they offer medical tourism services for international patients with excellence. However, one should know more about them in detail for selecting the right one according to needs. Most of them aim at delivering valuable services for patients with the latest medical innovation techniques to achieve the best results. Global Hospitals, Mumbai offers a wide range of services for patients enabling them to improve health conditions with the most advanced applications. The hospital is well-known for its high-quality treatments which attract several patients from different parts of the world.

It is the only medical care center recognized by the Government of India for research and development purposes. Another thing is that it follows high standards while taking care of international patients. Moreover, it is the only hospital in South Asia that performed the nucleus replacement in Asia.

About Global Hospitals, Mumbai

Global Hospitals in Mumbai is a pioneer in multi-organ transplants which organize 18,000 surgeries every year. Apart from that, it even treats a large number of inpatients and outpatients enabling them to focus more on their goals with excellence. The hospital is the first one to introduce the two-wheeler ambulance services for patients thereby giving ways to avoid discomforts and other problems significantly. Some of the specializations covered by the medical centre include endoscopic surgery, nephrology, urology, minimally invasive surgery, robotic surgery, bariatric surgery, oncology, cardiology, and many more.

Furthermore, it offers services for patients with a team of highly qualified physicians and nurses. The paramedical and administration staff will study the requirements of patients when they want are in need of additional services. This, in turn, gives ways to overcome unwanted issues while undergoing treatment services. The hospital even covers 450 beds for international patents to ensure high-level comforts. It is also one of the few hospitals in India which has the Medical Gastroenetrology department which gives ways to diagnose the problems with high accuracy. The medical centre offers the best services for brain tumour treatment in India with the most advanced applications.

Features available in the hospital

The neurophysiology lab in the hospital is well-equipped with modern medical devices such as EEG, VEP, EMG, NCS, and so on. It has the premier multi-organ transplant unit in India which satisfy the expectations of patients. Besides that, the ambulance services offered by the medical centre cover the latest amenities including life support systems and lifesaving drugs to experience peace of mind. The telemedicine connect program provided by the medical centre allows patients to get advice and receive treatment when they stay in long distances. Besides that, it covers a comprehensive suite of transplant programs for liver, kidney, lung, and others.

Facilities offered by the hospital

It provides special offers on group stays thereby showing ways to reduce the expenses to a large extent. The hospital which is very nearer to the airport and metro station enables patients to reach the hospital in quick turnaround time. The medical centre is close to budget hotels, pharmacies, and shopping malls which satisfy the needs of patients with excellence. Translation and interpretation services are available for international patients who have communication problems. Some other services offered by the centre include medical records transfer, document legislation, medical travel insurance, ATM, and local tourism options.

Medical tourism services for international patients

The hospital is well-known for its medical tourism services which attract a lot of patients from other nations. It offers free online consultations for those who want to know more about services in detail. In fact, it gives ways to submit medical records in different formats for evaluating them accurately. This, in turn, gives ways to fix an appointment with a doctor in Global Hospitals, Mumbai Doctor List depending on the needs. A patient should visit a reputed website for getting more ideas about treatment services and other things in detail which ultimately gives ways for knowing more about the treatment options including payments.








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