Role of the paediatric heart surgeon

There are many children who face heart related problems at a young age and are recommended surgical remedy by the doctors. This is where the best paediatric cardiac surgeons in india tend to play a significant role. He/she is said to have the necessary knowledge, exposure and experience for providing treatment to the child. They do offer special care that will be necessary fix acquire heart and congenital (from birth) problems faced by children.

The professionals are also said to treat various types of complex congenital heart defects faced by children, adolescents, new-borns and even adults. When compared to other heart diseases, congenital heart defects have been stated to be much different. Trying to repair hearts especially in small bodies can be an additional challenge to the experts. But these surgeons do possess years of practice and special skills that are required to offer safe care for small and young patients having to undergo heart surgical procedure.


About paediatric cardiac surgery

Children are required to undergo heart surgery for repairing heart defects. Some children are found to be born with congenital heart defects or heart diseases. Such child after birth will require surgery for rectifying this surgery. This surgical procedure is a must have for the child’s overall wellbeing.

Do paediatric cardiologists perform surgical procedures?

There are many children who may require heart surgical procedures. In such cases, the paediatric cardiologists are said to work very closely with that of the paediatric heart surgeons. Their work is to determine the right type of interventions and treatments to be provided to the patients and ensure that their issue is rectified. The paediatric cardiologists are trained specially to diagnose as well as manage such problems.

What type of training is necessary for paediatric heart surgeons?

The surgeons are termed to be medical doctors having completed the following:

  • Attended medical school for minimum 4 years.
  • Have undergone the five year general surgery residency program.
  • 2-4 extra training years related to paediatric heart surgery.
  • 2-3 year cardiothoracic (chest/heart) residency program usually which includes training of 6 months related to paediatric heart surgery.

The surgeons are said to spend their initial 1-2 years after training to serve as staff of any reputed paediatric heart centre. Besides this, they do gain good amount of experience by taking care of children.

Treatment types provided by paediatric heart surgeons

They provide surgery for the following:

  • Repair injury caused to heart.
  • Rectify conditions like holes present between heart chambers, abnormal blood vessels and valve issues.
  • Heart/lung, lung and heart transplants.
  • Rectifying various acquired and congenital heart defects.

Where to find paediatric heart surgeons?

The best paediatric cardiac surgeons in india can be found associated with the leading paediatric clinics and hospitals that has special equipment and facilities for children.

Offering good care for children

The problem with small children is that they do not know how to express themselves even in extreme conditions. They are not in a position to answer any type of medical related questions asked by the doctor. Children and infants requiring heart surgical remedy will be taken care of by a highly trained team of experts who can meet the specific needs without any hassle.

The surgeons are also known to offer proper system of care to embrace the special requirements of the teens, children and infants including their families. These professionals do work very closely with paediatric cardiologists. The specialists do help to diagnose heart conditions as well as to come up with sound management plans prior to and after surgical procedure.

The surgeons might also have specialists in their time related to the fields of neonatology, cardiac anaesthesia, cardiology, respiratory therapy, social work and intensive care. The highly skilled team can be expected to provide the child with the best available and most appropriate remedy.

How long is the baby required to stay in the hospital after undergoing heart surgery?

There are many parents who are eager to know as to when their child can go back home after having their heart surgery. Most of the children are found to recover within a span of 5-7 days after the surgical process. They can go back to their normal routines within 4-6 weeks’ time.

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