Things we all love about app cloner

I’m pretty sure that you have had cases when you needed to use several copies of the same application – for example, with different accounts or so that they had different settings. Of course, some applications support the use of multiple accounts, but not all. Unofficial applications of some services can work with several accounts, but they are usually functionally limited.


Fortunately, you can install application clones on Android – in this case, you can use the same service from different accounts, if you wish, even in dual-window mode. So have you ever wondered, how to do it? Well, you’re going to find that out because in this tutorial we’re going to talk about that. This is all possible because of the cloning app “App Cloner“.


Install the App Cloner from their website. It does not require root access and does not contain ads, and the functionality of its free version is enough to create clones.


Launch App Cloner, select the language in the settings (if you didn’t install the one you’d like by default) and find in the list of installed applications whose copy you want to create.


App Cloner APK will scan the application and report the restrictions that its clone will have. As a rule, they relate to the use of Google services (account, maps, etc.). You can choose the color of the clone icon, add a shortcut to the icon and rotate it. Besides, you can modify the application itself by changing some parameters of its operation.


App Cloner parses the application, makes the necessary changes, and then reassembles it, adding a new digital signature. It turns out a fake application, but with the same capabilities as the original. The original application and its clone work independently of each other, and when using the dual-window mode, they can even be run “side by side”.


App Clone can create clones of almost all social networks and instant messengers, including those that work only in conjunction with a SIM card. This feature is useful to owners of dual SIM smartphones. The number of clones of the same application is not limited, and each of them can have its settings. If you need more features, you can purchase the App Cloner premium.

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