Top 5 birthday party basics to make it special

If you are planning to throw a basic birthday party for your kid or anyone else, you will require some items which are very essential and you cannot have a birthday party without them. There are these birthday party supplies which are incorporated together to ensure a successful birthday bash.

Thus we are here to give you a list of top 5 birthday party basics to make the birthday bash a fun affair and then your work starts to tailor the supplies according to your party needs.

  1. Birthday Party Invitations

This is a part of pre party timeline, first you have to make the guest list and then start preparing birthday party invitations. You can get invitation printable online and get the names of invitees printed on it. You can also DIY the invitation cards and be creative with them. In the birthday party invitation cards you have to mention the date, exact location, RSVP information and every important detail on the card. You can also give a call if you haven’t got confirmation to some invitation cards. And if the party is not on weekend mail the cards three weeks prior so that the invitees can plan in advance.

  1. Decoration

Decoration gives life to the party; people will come in party mood with colourful decoration with balloons, lights and ribbons. You can arrange for different decoration supplies like streamers, balloons, banners, centrepieces, placemats etc. You can attach the balloons on the back of chair or hang coloured balloons in the bunch of three on wall. You can decorate the centre table with streamers. A HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner is a must if it is your kid’s birthday. You can also make balloon arches in the entrance of the birthday and welcome the guests with wonderful decoration of colourful balloons.

  1. Entertainment

Once the party is started the next question how will you keep the guests engaged for 3 to 4 hours. Are you going to have a dance party or will arrange different games for everyone or you can also have a movie night, so that everyone will have a great time together at the birthday party. You can call a magician or any cartoon characters that would amuse and entertain everyone at the party. The latest trend for the birthday party is Karaoke where everyone enjoys music and tries to sing with the music in background. You can also have fun activities so that people can enjoy themselves. You can also hire manicurist if it is a girl’s birthday party so that all her friends are pampered with beautiful nail paints.

  1. About Food

Everyone invited for the birthday party are excited about the food. Because when we talk about parties we have different delicious food at the party like pizza, hotdogs, burgers, sandwiches. These food items are perfect for the parties because people can have the food roaming around while talking with others. Cookies are also a good option for the party. The most important part of the party food and especially birthday party is Cake. You can get a cake according to the theme if it is a theme party. Or nowadays cupcakes are also very popular so you can also get cupcakes that would work as dessert. Fun beverage that is colourful drinks is also very important for the birthday party. Order birthday cake for online delivery and surprise your favourite people with this amazing birthday wish idea.

  1. Return Gifts

If you are throwing a birthday party for your kid, there would be so many little ones so party favours are must when there are little invitees. They would be so excited to receive return gifts and it is the best part of the birthday for them. You can either have candies and trinkets as they are inexpensive return gifts and would not hurt you pockets. You can also give mugs or pencil box, story books, something that will be useful to them as party favours. For young ones you can have party favours like succulents, key chains, wine glass etc. Send birthday gifts online to your friends and family members and surprise them with the lovely gift and also wish them a very happy birthday.

These Birthday Party basics are inseparable parts to host any birthday party. These party basics and supplies will make your birthday party very special and glam glitz affair so that everyone can enjoy to the fullest in the party.

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