What is the difference between cnc machining and 3d printing

With the advancing technology and engineering revolutions, it has become essential for every company to use the best equipment and tools to take the business to another level. Most common advancement in the manufacturing process is the Computer numeric control process along with 3D printing. Both of these procedures work on different kind of materials. It can be confusing for some company owners to choose one of these methods for the production of material.

Creative solutions are provided by 3D printing and CNC machining. Instead of traditional manufacturing, 3D printers are more effective and efficient. The CNC machining needs more tools as compared to 3D printing. Less waste is produced in the case of 3D printing. If the large scale production is required, then CNC machining is a better option.

The material used in the process

The CNC Machining can work with several kinds of materials like woods, acrylic, metal alloys, modeling foam, thermoplastics, and machining wax. CNC Machining uses heating systems which can easily manage the heavy equipment and materials. The cutting tools can be switched, but most of the tools manufactured are basically for the CNC Machining process. 3D printing doesn’t contain variety, and strong items can be produced which can withstand almost every climatic condition and intense environment. There are individual 3D printers which are only made for some particular kind of material manufacturing.

Accuracy of the production

CNC is more consistent and precise as compared to 3D printing because they have more tolerance for warmth. Whenever there is too much amount of heat, 3D printers can create distorted products. Precision can be provided with 3D printing but consistency can’t be achieved. 3D printers are user friendly but if they malfunction, then expert is required to do the troubleshooting steps.

Machine versatility

If someone wants faster production, then CNC machining can be the best option. Fixtures and tools can be produced by CNC machining, and they have different quality settings so that one can easily make the rough design of the prototype.  CNC Machining can be used for building design after which it can be tested by the developers. The designs which are made with CNC machining aren’t substituted with 3D printing because the latter takes a long time to finish the work.

The noise created during the procedures

Noise pollution can be really irritating, and that’s why the best option should be chosen by manufacturing companies. If someone wants to get noise-free choice, then 3D printing is better because CNC machining is really noisy due to its work of cutting tools away.  It creates a lot of noise and wood shavings and metal scrap at the end. A lot of vibrations is created by the CNC machining and there is enormous waste. In 3D printing, there isn’t any vibration, and less waste is created by it.  Although, both the machining options are amazing, but one should choose rapid CNC machining because it is useful in creating large scale products with faster speed and versatility in the production.

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